Anders Aukland

Anders Aukland

Anders Aukland / Aukland Legend

Anders made his debut in the World Cup in 1993 and has remained at the top of the world since then, despite turning 50 next year. First as a national team runner, before switching to long distance running in 2007.

He has Olympic gold in relay, 2 World Cup silver and 6 World Cup winners. After establishing his own private team and betting on cross-country skiing, he has won what is worth winning from long cross-country skiing. The merit list includes 6 victories in the Birkebeinerrennet, 2 in Marcialonga and 1 victory in the Vasaloppet.

In addition to being an outstanding skier, Anders is known as an endurance machine of the rare. He has run 3000 m in 8:02 and 5000 m in 13:57. He has also excelled in several other sports and has over the years won NM gold in dog sledding, triathlon, duathlon and cross-country running.

In 2001, he was awarded the Ekeberg Honorary Prize for his achievements in cross-country skiing, dog sledding and athletics.

Anders is known for pushing boundaries. In 2018, he tried to set a new record over Greenland together with brother Jørgen, but was interrupted after a terrible storm. In the winter of 2021, he went on what is considered the world's longest continuous ski trip of 700 kilometers. It does not appear in any official record book, but no one in the world has gone further on roller skis than Anders.

Jørgen Aukland

Jørgen Aukland

Jørgen Aukland / Aukland Legend

Jørgen was the one who really started the stake revolution in cross-country skiing.

In 2003 he became the first winner to stake out the entire last slope in Marcialonga and in 2013 he was the first to win the Vasaloppet on shiny skis. Since then, none of the winners in the men's class have gone with lubrication under the skis. Now staking has almost become public property.

Jørgen has run long distances all over the world and won several of the greatest classics. He has won Marcialonga four times and the Vasaloppet twice. In 2013, he won both races in the same season. The same year he became number four in Birken on shiny skis. With his 10 podium places, he is the undisputed king of Marcialonga. As a result, in 2016 he was appointed an honorary citizen of the village of Molina, where he has lived every single year since 2001.

Like his brother, Jørgen is known as a tough skin. Even though he put the skis on the shelf in 2016, he still stays in very good shape with long swims, kayak and roller ski trips.