Roller skiing has always been a part of our lives. The sound of poles hitting the asphalt and memories of fathers who set off to work or to Sandefjord where our grandparents lived. All the way from Tønsberg - for us he was superman.

We even started earlier than most. Roller skiing was dangerous for children, you could ruin the technique, but that was exactly what I did not care about.

Since 1983, we have staked and skated along the asphalt. Mile after mile. Hour after hour. We have now used our experience to create what we believe is the optimal roller ski.

When Anders took his first victories in the World Cup and eventually brought home Olympic and World Cup medals, it was this summer's training on roller skis that made the difference.

Jørgen became the first to race to victory in Marcialonga and to win the Vasaloppet on shiny skis. Most of the foundation was laid on roller skis. While others hunted for early snow, we hunted for frost-free roads and dry asphalt. In the middle of winter, we traveled to Mallorca to go roller skiing, and then return to cross-country skiing with new strength in our bodies. There have been many ski runs and good results and the foundation has always been laid with asphalt under the wheels.

Anders has gone the world's longest ski trip of 700 kilometers and he is the one in the world who has trained the most and gone the longest on roller skis.

We have now used our experience to create what we believe is the optimal roller ski, AUKLAND LEGEND.

aukland_legend-classic-roller ski-DSC07639-2
Anders Aukland with roller ski / Aukland Legend
Jørgen Aukland / Aukland Legend